Friday, August 17, 2007


Somebody please help this child.


ETA: See, one of the first things I do when trying on an outfit is to test whether any bits show when I raise my arms (and by bits on middle-aged, roundly-figured me, I mean any portion of my tummy). Even with her arms down, there's a pretty good opportunity for folks to see London and France.


Jennifer said...

Is it wrong that this would make my "happiness challenge" list for today? *snort*

Good grief, the child needs a mother.

Phyllis S said...

No, because 'happiness challenge' was my first thought. See you in Hell--maybe they'll let us room together.

She and Lindsay Lohan both. You know, when you go out in public in an outfit that Mariah Cary would find slutty, you're really crossing a line.

Jennifer said...

Okay, Phyllis? That last line? It needs to be your new tagline. I'm dying over here! LOL

And also? I'd be honored to room with you, in Hell, most particularly. :-)