Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A channel that appears to delight in roping me in with a great morning line-up and then inexplicably changing it on a whim (like dropping Wings with no warning--bah on you) has been airing 'Designing Women', the later episodes.

Here's a show I loved when it first ran. I watched it to the bitter end, and that's an apt description. I doubt it was that apparent to me back then, but watching it now, well, those gals have not held up well.

Julia Sugarbaker went from a crisp, intelligent, warm woman to being a shrill, annoying, bad-tempered bitch. And do heavens, Judith Ivey was pouring on that accent like I do the maple syrup at IHOP.

Here's a prime example of a show that went on at least one, if not two seasons too long.

Where's Suzanne Sugarbaker for some real comic relief when you need her?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Things Here

at 'Casa de Where in Hell did that Spiderweb Come From' have been kind of quiet. There's been some housework done, some more stuff tossed out. I think 'tossing s**t out' is as cathartic for me as 'burning s**t' is for the poopster. Wish I lived next door to her (for so many different reasons) so she could burn what I toss. A certain symmetry and elegance there, I think.

The house next door is all but empty. There has been an estate sale and a subsequent auction. I went over there the other day to check on things, as I've done every week or two for the past couple of years. My friends had many lovely things-they were into antiques and nice furniture and to see the place empty of those things, with only the detritus that seems to come from nowhere in rooms when you are at the end of moving, was a jolt.

It's very warm here, which, duh. It's July and all. But I mean, it's really hot. Too hot to eat, too hot to move. I see a ham and cheese sandwich washed down with an ice cold Yuengling for supper. Then I plan to melt into a puddle. Until October.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Pleasure

and I'm not even going to characterize it as a guilty one.

TCM aired 1776 late on July 4th and I got lucky as far as seeing it on the schedule and setting the DVR.

I bet I've watched it three times since then. I saw it in school at least twice, back when they used to herd all of us into the auditorium to be exposed to 'culture'.

I'd forgotten just how rousing the music is in this film. And it's downright bawdy, even by today's standards.

William Daniels and Ken Howard are immediately recognizable, of course, but there are other actors in this film that upon seeing it again made me go, 'Hey, it's that guy'. Like the fellow playing Edward Rutledge of South Carolina--John Collum, likely more well known these days for Northern Exposure, and for playing Mark Greene's dad on ER. He's of course quite young, and rather pretty, here.

The movie itself holds up historically as well. While it takes a few dramatic licenses, they are understood within the context of creating tension. The relationship between John and Abigail Adams in particular remains particularly well-drawn, even in light of the exhaustive McCollough book and HBO mini-series. In fact, there are lines in the songs that are directly from their letters.

I'd like to see a revival of this in the movie theater. The subject matter is timeless, and certainly on point in this day of the 'Patriot Act', and politics over policy and substance.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mamma Mia

What a sweet, sunny, fun movie. Everyone seems to be having the best time. It also has some touching moments that made me kind of misty. And the sheer, joyous abandon of the (mostly middle-aged) women in the first big set piece set to 'Dancing Queen' makes you want to get up and shake a booty with them.

It's always refreshing to me to see stars who have aged naturally, albeit well. Pierce Brosnan certainly fits this description. And the always luminous Meryl Street.

Which makes folks like Christine Baranski, whose eyes look a little wonky in this film, gotta tell ya, stick out like a sore thumb. And by stick I mean, girlfriend, please, eat a carb. Hell, go wild, eat two.

I will warn you that Pierce really can't sing a lick. But the fact that he just jumps in there and does it with a sense of joy makes it all right. The other two male leads, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard, won't be signing any recording contracts either, methinks.

But who cares. It's freakin' Pierce, Colin, and Stellan. I wouldn't turn down any of them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So The Week

or so of not posting lasted two days. Sort of a week, I reckon.

I know I'm late to the party on these two subjects and how they are connected, but both keep rolling around there in the back of my mind.

Subject 1: The Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook Mess

First off, Peter is apparently a little smarter than your average sack of rocks, by wisely taking the settlement before the Simon & Simon brother private investigator guys took the stand with what was likely to be evidence of a scumfest of major proportions.

And while Christie has never struck me as the sharpest knife in the drawer (based primarily on those terribly stilted home gym thingy ads she does with Chuck Norris), anyone who has 18 investment properties in the Hamptons is clearly rocking some smarts somewhere.

Plus, Miss Fifty-something was seriously working the clean, crisp, preppy, tailored look.

Subject 2: Brad and Angelina's Twins

Thank heavens she finally had them, because there was going to be a collective media head-exploding incident if she hadn't.

What connects these two is the fact that both were headline stories on network news for days. I can see a mention at the bottom of the broadcast for either, maybe. But the opening story? The twins were the headline story on the Sunday Today show this past week. The settlement between Christie and Peter was all over the 24 hour news stations as it was happening.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some good celebrity dirt and gossip as much as the next person, but for the birth of twins to two fairly marginally talented actors (albeit remarkably pretty, marginally talented actors) or a divorce settlement between people who are famous for being famous are not what I consider 'headline news'.

As Good an Example of Any

why employers should cross-train.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Knotty

little problem holding up a new project at work appears to have worked itself out; if the boss ok's the solution today, then we're off to the races.

Beyond that, nothing much happening here at Chez Life Goes On, Whether You Want It To or Not. Trying out some new summer recipes, wondering if the kittie has gone completely off her rocker based on her loopy behavior this morning, and hoping for an after-All Star Break miracle for the Braves. In other words, same ole, same ole.

Gonna take an official break from here for a week or two, see if inspiration will rear its little head. There's a stack of books here by the sofa to get to, and as always, more crap to toss out of this house.

While you're talking to the Big Guy (or Gal, whatever your wont), offer up a word for my widda friend Stacie's boss, who is battling lung & stomach cancer.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ahhh, Vacation

And today on my vacation, I:
  • Spent about four hours at the office & running around to several of the schools
  • Been to two different meetings in two different towns for the newspaper
  • Did two or three loads of wash
  • Unpacked from my visit with Le Boyfriend last week

Fun times, fun times.