Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happiness Challenge-Day 19

Yesterday I headed up the road* to Chateau Elan to meet up with some of my widda friends. It's a lovely place, great buffet at The Versailles. I can also recommend Paddy's Pub, where they are not stingy with the margaritas, and the Winery's Pinot Noir. I'll review the Sauvignon Blanc

Most of us there were at least a year or more out on this journey, but there were two fellows who were 5-6 months out. Both of them said they'd almost backed out, but made themselves come** and both said they enjoyed just laughing and being at ease in a group that could completely understand their situation.

How does this relate to happiness? Well, I was surely happy to get home after being in traffic with Georgia drivers (egad!) and I was happy to see friends I've made along the way on this journey and to make new ones.

*And thank you Mapquest for taking me down every country road in the vicinity of Athens, GA when I could have hit 441 and taken a straight shot as I discovered on the return trip--but it was some pretty countryside to look at.

**A feeling every one of us 'vets' confirmed to them. My first get-together was in Greenville last October & I had pretty much talked myself out of going by the time I rolled into G-town. Made myself go anyway and as Mr. Frost said, it has made all the difference.

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