Thursday, August 2, 2007

August Happiness Challenge-Day 1

Pretend I posted this yesterday:

My late husband had a 1-carat diamond ring in a yellow gold setting. It was too obviously a man's ring for me to get away with wearing it as it was. Besides, it was a little big on me and I'm not really a fan of yellow gold.

It's been in my jewelry box since he passed away & I got to thinking about here in the past few weeks. I had three choices: leave it hidden away in the jewelry box or sell it (because even if I ever do meet someone else, I wouldn't give it to that person to wear) or have it remade into something pretty for me to wear.

Which is what I did. I had the stone put into a white gold, filigree setting--I wanted something antique/estate ring looking and that's what I found. My jeweler did a beautiful job resetting the stone; he's really an artisan in his work. They called me Tuesday to tell me it was ready. I picked the ring up yesterday and have been wearing it ever since.

And how does this relate to a daily 'happiness' post? Because I've come to the realization in the past little while that I've been 'happier' since I've had the ring on. I moved my wedding band to my right hand May of last year and stopped wearing it altogether back in January*. There's something about this ring--I feel connected to my late, beloved husband without feeling as if I'm trying to unrealistically cling to something that no longer exists. Plus it's pretty.

*The only thing I can say about taking it off was the right time for me. I've not given it a second thought since I took it off.


RisibleGirl said...

Ummmm, Ms. Phyllis, may we have a picture of this lovely ring please?

I want to oooh and ahhhh over it with you!

Phyllis S said...

I need to take a picture of it this weekend to send to my sister-in-law, so I'll get it posted. She was the one who kinda prodded me into going ahead and doing it.