Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Exhausted

Well, not really, but I'm kinda cranky because I didn't get a nap today.

On the up side, the 2008 Fiscal/Project/School year is in the books and all 2009 projects have been submitted to the state department for review. I spent most of today at the office, working with our CFO to close out spending and put together last minute amendments. I left her there, ordering about $12ooo.oo worth of supplies/goodies to spend out the last of a grant. And now, glorious July stretches in front of me, and I'm not officially expected back at work until the first week of August.

For tonight, I'm here on my sofa, finishing up some laundry and making a packing list.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Le Boyfriend, where we have a semi-quiet week on tap. There's a day reserved for visiting Warm Springs and the Little White House, and I'm taking my shrimp and grits recipe with me to fix one day.

Y'all be good and don't let the fireworks land on the roof.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cleaning Beyond Cleaning

You know, the kind of cleaning you probably should do every two-three weeks but if you're me and you have 'dirt blindness', you...don't.

So far this morning I've: washed, dried & rehung the front room curtains, washed the shower curtain & liner, and cleaned the filter and front casing on the window air conditioning unit.

Still on the list: toss some more crap out of this house, wash the kitchen curtains, wash down the microwave & cart, and sweep/mop the kitchen floor.

I think I'll save cleaning the fridge for tomorrow.

Gotta have something to look forward to.

Monday, June 23, 2008

One of My

favorite features with the satellite tv is the 'Caller ID' feature.

The phone rings, and the caller id notification...flashes up on my tv screen.

I do make myself move around once an hour or so-I wouldn't want to become permanently attached to the sofa.

It won't fit on the bed.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Been

a long, quiet, lonely day.

Sometimes Sundays just totally suck.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Really, sweet with just the right amount of tang and bite. I had it on a ham sandwich with swiss cheese and mixed greens and farmhouse-style bread.
And I have a notion for a salad made with the greens, diced avocado, fresh corn, green onions, and a dressing made with this mustard emulsified with a bit of olive oil and white vinegar.
I'll let you know how that turns out.

A Skosh of Stress

My major yearly project, with a June 30th deadline, sits barely begun, due to a number of factors. A change in schools and their makeup on my end, the rollout of an online application on the part of the state dept of education end.

The information I needed to provide to them (from another unit at the state dept the same building where these project folks are-dontcha lurve bureaucracy?) was faxed first thing Tuesday morning. I've been expecting the online app to be updated anytime since then.

Just got an email from my contact that the changes should be online...Monday. Because, you know, I don't have anything else to wrap up by the end of June.

Please, do take your everlovin' sweet time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Made a Quick

road trip to my favorite place on Earth, Charleston SC, yesterday evening to hook up with a widder friend, take a nice walk up and down Meeting Street, and have a helluva meal at Oak Steakhouse. It may well have been the best filet and creamed spinach I've ever had.

My friend and I had a good time and a terrific conversation. Only a little bit about widowhood and a lot about...just life.

And how could we not have a good time? We were in Charleston, after all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a Difference

a week makes.

The weather has taken a milder turn. Not quite so stifling these last few mornings, a bit of rain Thursday afternoon that seemed to pull the humidity from the air. And rain is forecast for tomorrow.

These next two weeks at work will be buuusy; I'm stuck with a couple of projects until my CFO can give me some figures, she's kind of stuck waiting on some data from the state department. I love my job, I love my job.

And I really do, because once I get past these two weeks, I'm off. Technically for the entire month of July, but there's always this and that to do along and along, so I find myself up there for a half-day here and there.

Today has been a lazy day, for the most part. I straightened the kitchen earlier and a couple of loads of clothes are in the system. Spent about two hours out back this morning reading 'In Cold Blood' and I'm fixing to crack that back open here for the evening. I know I read this book in high school, but it's been a wonder to come back to it. My interest in re-reading it was piqued by catching bits and pieces of Infamous on HBO. One of those books I could find myself staying up all night to finish.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Weekend

with Le Boyfriend. We explored the myriad small towns surrounding Madison Ga., all of which feature the ubiquitous Confederate Memorial statue on the courthouse grounds. We lucked into a dairy festival in one town, saw preparations for a wedding on the courthouse steps in another. All in all, a fun, relaxed, hot time.

And by hot, I mean the temperatures. Whoo-ee, I just don't know if I'll be able to stand the summer if what we've had the last few days is any indication.

The highlight (beyond time with him, of course) was Saturday dinner at the Blue Willow Inn. If you live near it and have never been, shame on you. If you're planning a trip to the Atlanta area, it's worth the drive down I-20 to partake.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's 7:40 a.m.

and the A.C. is on a roll. The May light bill? Barely $100.00. The June light bill? Not gonna think about that right now.

We've begun summer hours at work, ten-hour days with Fridays off. Although I'm seriously considering going in on Fridays, if only to keep my A.C. costs down.

I grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast, and we were regularly inundated in the winter months with that delightful breed known as 'snow birds', couples from the northern states in their big, honkin' Caddies and Lincoln's, clogging up the roads and the restaurants, waiting out the cold on our sunny, mild shores and heading back when the humidity began rolling in.

I'm beginning to see the attraction.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

and it's hotter'n Hell with the blowers on.

I've been out in the backyard enjoying my anti-gravity chair and my book (If Chins Could Kill, by Bruce Campbell, coolest guy ever), but the breeze died down and the shade disappeared, chasing me back inside.

On tap for the day? More reading, the Braves at one, some red beans and rice with sausage for dinner and maybe back outside later this afternoon.

Stay cool y'all. Cross your fingers for the Braves, although it would be cool to see Ken Griffey Jr hit his 600th homer during the game.

Thank goodness for air conditioning, satellite tv and 32'' hi-def flat screens*.

*Le Boyfriend has upped the ante on this-just installed a 46-incher. Said last night it was like living in a sports bar. Maybe I'll get him a neon Corona sign for his birthday to add to the ambience.