Sunday, August 5, 2007

August Happiness Challenge-Day 5

This happened yesterday, but I'm still right tickled about it today so it counts. Because I say so.

While at The Gap trying 18 blue million pairs of jeans (and as annoying, perspiration-producing & nose-running inducing as this task is, you realla gotta try on that many pair to get to the right ones), I demurred over a particular pair of jeans because I didn't think they were 'age-appropriate'. The sales gal who was helping me said, "Why would you think that? They're perfectly appropriate for a lady your age. You can't be more than 35*, right?"

When I told her I was 45, she appeared genuinely floored. And yes, I bought the rockin' jeans that probably are somewhat age-inappropriate. I think I look damn good in them.

*Maybe that's why I can't get a date with a guy I think is in my age range. They think I'm too young for them. Yea, that's the story I'll stick with for the next couple of weeks.


RisibleGirl said...

AS you well know, I'm typically not very concerned about 'age appropriate'.

'course I'm not going to wear tube tops or belly shirts (and other things in those categories), but I'll have to be dead in my grave before I worry about stuff like that.

Live a little on the wild side. It's really fun. :)

poopie said...

Age appropriate...humph. I had that phrase almost as much as "not acceptable."