Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things Are

quiet around here. The bathroom saga is ongoing. I 'might' get my mirror hung and the electrical issue tended to by this weekend.

It seems as if folks around here are laying low, due in large part to the economy. So many of the jobs in this community come from some sort of government funding, be they state jobs at the various agencies or with the school district. We're all waiting for another budget cut. While there probably won't be any jobs lost on our part at my district, it's still hard to know your friends and neighbors are hurting.

It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? I admit, I hadn't given much thought to how interconnected everything is. But if the two car dealerships in town have slow business, then they cut back on the advertizing. Which directly affects the local weekly paper and radio station.

It's hard to celebrate the drop in gas prices, although that has brought some relief. The thing is, we're at the mercy of whatever they want to charge. It's not like if you find a deal on soup and stock up on some cans. You can't really 'stock up' on gasoline. Who knows what price they'll stick it to us with next summer?

Uncertainty. It's the new black.

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