Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've Been

trying not to talk to much about my usual 16 days off over Christmas (a perk of working for a school district), because its 1) obnoxious, 2) other folks don't really get this kind of luxury even in good times and 3) these ain't such good times.

I have to say though that next Friday cannot come soon enough. I'm not going into boring detail except suffice to say I began the day by shooting off a snotty email to a coworker (that I later apologized for-not so much because I'm really sorry but hey, I do have to work with the guy) and ended it by almost hanging up on someone from the state department. And had to call her back and apologize. She was just doing her job, didn't deserve my shit. On top of that, it took five attempts to send a photo to the newspaper because their system kept kicking it out, and I keep getting messages here at home from a collection agency for someone who is not me.

I was just ill-natured and cranky all day. The last couple of years around this time, I could sort of blame it on the ole grief monster.

But at this point, it just boils down to the fact that I'm a bitch.

ETA: I just finished whipping up my sausage & grits casserole to take to work tomorrow & the mere act of doing something* for someone else has improved my crankiness somewhat.

*Does it count as 'doing for others' if I'll benefit too? Because I lurves me some of this casserole, but the recipe just makes way too much for me to fix for myself. Hence the 'treating the office' dealaroo.

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Jennifer said...

Sausage and grits casserole????? Recipe PLEASE! Yumm-o. I'm drooling just reading the name of that dish!

And also? Next Wednesday is it for me until January 5th. Obnoxious, you say? Mwahahahahahaha.