Monday, December 1, 2008

New Bathroom Saga

Day Six Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Eight, and fourteen minutes.

So when I said 'This time Monday', I hope you noticed I didn't commit to which Monday. Because apparently 'finished' will be over this weekend.

The biggest work inside is done-I now have a bath towel bar and tp roller. Still no lights. Maybe tomorrow for those. The last two things to go in will be the hand towel bars and a mirror-but I'm thinking the better bet will be a wall cabinet. Which means a trip to C-town, since the likes of that won't be found here in Mayberry. Works out that I have meeting up there Friday.

As for the trash in my backyard-it's been piled into a trailor that as best I can tell will probably be there until Head Blind Monkey again needs said trailor. Because he's an idiot. And possibly the laziest human being that is able to walk upright.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I spent it in Georgia with Le Boyfriend. I whipped up the T-day meal for him and his mom. They cleaned their plates, so I reckon it was all good. The stuffing was moist and the gravy was only a bit lumpy, so I'm calling it a success.

Photos of the bathroom will be posted once all is complete. Woo hoo.

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