Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bathroom Pics!

The curved shower curtain rod-it really does
add a lot of room in the shower.

Guess what this is! My shadow is
an added bonus.

The new vanity

The light over the sink-still waiting for this
to be hooked up and the ceiling light
to be put up (and the installation of
an electrical outlet).

I realize that without 'Before' photos, there isn't much context for the 'After', but trust me, the 'Before' was reeeaaalllly bad.

1 comment:

pat said...

pretty light and way cool shower rod!!!...i heted my shower curtain sticking to me all the time and i finally got rid of it and put up glass doors...i am not too crazy about the glass either....the curved rod seems to be a great answer, wish i had it!