Friday, December 19, 2008

Bathroom Pics and Other News

Bathroom pics this weekend-I was waiting until the ceiling light was in and mirror hung, but my hopes of that happening before New Years have dimmed.

Today is our last day at work until January 5th-rumor has it some sort of 'brunch' will be provided. Because that's what we need at the office-more food. There have been so many treats and goodies delivered this week that I'm sure I'm due to explode any minute.

Still mighty warm here. Had the ceiling fans on last night & I'm mighty tempted to bump the AC on just to take the edge off. Forecast for Monday-high of 49. At least I get to wear my new jacket.

My Christmas present to me: four new tires, at almost four hundred dollars. They're rated to 80,000 miles, so at least there's that.

And off to work for a day that will be over around eleven-I do enjoy the perks of this job.

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pat said...

lucky work all that time!!! and a almost new bathroom....