Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goal for Saturday

Make a run to the nearest shopping mecca-like town for all those giftie things for co-workers, co-worker's children, manicurist and hair dresser.

I have a coupon for CostPlus World Market. I plan to be there when the doors open at nine, finish in there by ten or so, blow through Target, grab some early lunch and hightail it back here to Tinytown.

There had been some discussion (and by some discussion, I mean one person in our office was agitating for it) that we eat out for our Christmas lunch, but the decision was made to do what we've done in the past, which is for the maintenance guys to grill out & folks bring a range of desserts.

So the one person who wanted to eat out is pouting. I want to punch him in the nose. Whilst bellowing 'STFU, dickhead'.

What? Not so Christmassy cheerish? You seem surprised. I thought I'd established the not feeling it thing earlier.