Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a Difference

a week makes.

The weather has taken a milder turn. Not quite so stifling these last few mornings, a bit of rain Thursday afternoon that seemed to pull the humidity from the air. And rain is forecast for tomorrow.

These next two weeks at work will be buuusy; I'm stuck with a couple of projects until my CFO can give me some figures, she's kind of stuck waiting on some data from the state department. I love my job, I love my job.

And I really do, because once I get past these two weeks, I'm off. Technically for the entire month of July, but there's always this and that to do along and along, so I find myself up there for a half-day here and there.

Today has been a lazy day, for the most part. I straightened the kitchen earlier and a couple of loads of clothes are in the system. Spent about two hours out back this morning reading 'In Cold Blood' and I'm fixing to crack that back open here for the evening. I know I read this book in high school, but it's been a wonder to come back to it. My interest in re-reading it was piqued by catching bits and pieces of Infamous on HBO. One of those books I could find myself staying up all night to finish.


Jennifer said...

Have you ever read Mailer's Executioner's Song? That book, man. A thousand pages or so and I finished it in three days. Couldn't stop reading. Stays with me still.

Years later, I picked up 'Shot through the Heart' by Gary Gilmore's brother. It was excellent, as well.

Phyllis S said...

I started that, but don't think I was 'ready' for it, if that makes sense. Guess I need to add that one to the list.