Friday, June 6, 2008

It's 7:40 a.m.

and the A.C. is on a roll. The May light bill? Barely $100.00. The June light bill? Not gonna think about that right now.

We've begun summer hours at work, ten-hour days with Fridays off. Although I'm seriously considering going in on Fridays, if only to keep my A.C. costs down.

I grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast, and we were regularly inundated in the winter months with that delightful breed known as 'snow birds', couples from the northern states in their big, honkin' Caddies and Lincoln's, clogging up the roads and the restaurants, waiting out the cold on our sunny, mild shores and heading back when the humidity began rolling in.

I'm beginning to see the attraction.

1 comment:

poopie said...

I hear ya. Mine hasn't cut off in a week.

I do so hate to sweat, bless my heart.