Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

and it's hotter'n Hell with the blowers on.

I've been out in the backyard enjoying my anti-gravity chair and my book (If Chins Could Kill, by Bruce Campbell, coolest guy ever), but the breeze died down and the shade disappeared, chasing me back inside.

On tap for the day? More reading, the Braves at one, some red beans and rice with sausage for dinner and maybe back outside later this afternoon.

Stay cool y'all. Cross your fingers for the Braves, although it would be cool to see Ken Griffey Jr hit his 600th homer during the game.

Thank goodness for air conditioning, satellite tv and 32'' hi-def flat screens*.

*Le Boyfriend has upped the ante on this-just installed a 46-incher. Said last night it was like living in a sports bar. Maybe I'll get him a neon Corona sign for his birthday to add to the ambience.


pat said...

make that sam adams.....

poopie said...

..hotter'n hell with the blowers on. Seems to be going around!