Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Exhausted

Well, not really, but I'm kinda cranky because I didn't get a nap today.

On the up side, the 2008 Fiscal/Project/School year is in the books and all 2009 projects have been submitted to the state department for review. I spent most of today at the office, working with our CFO to close out spending and put together last minute amendments. I left her there, ordering about $12ooo.oo worth of supplies/goodies to spend out the last of a grant. And now, glorious July stretches in front of me, and I'm not officially expected back at work until the first week of August.

For tonight, I'm here on my sofa, finishing up some laundry and making a packing list.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Le Boyfriend, where we have a semi-quiet week on tap. There's a day reserved for visiting Warm Springs and the Little White House, and I'm taking my shrimp and grits recipe with me to fix one day.

Y'all be good and don't let the fireworks land on the roof.


poopie said...

Enjoy ;)

Jennifer said...

I envy you your long summer breaks. I wish every profession held true to the school year calendar of my youth. Just think how fresh and rejuvenated the workforce would be.

Have a lovely time with your mate. And happy 4th!