Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cleaning Beyond Cleaning

You know, the kind of cleaning you probably should do every two-three weeks but if you're me and you have 'dirt blindness', you...don't.

So far this morning I've: washed, dried & rehung the front room curtains, washed the shower curtain & liner, and cleaned the filter and front casing on the window air conditioning unit.

Still on the list: toss some more crap out of this house, wash the kitchen curtains, wash down the microwave & cart, and sweep/mop the kitchen floor.

I think I'll save cleaning the fridge for tomorrow.

Gotta have something to look forward to.

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Jennifer said...

I'm having a similar day. Except mine was broken up with a volunteer gig and a facial. Am wishing I could just sit still for five minutes, but I seem to be making up for lost time. Or trying, anyway.