Monday, March 31, 2008


was terrific. Perfect weather Friday and Saturday. A cool breeze kicked in late in the day Saturday, but we weathered it.

I ate far too much, and loved every bite of it. Dinner Friday at The Dockside, and supper at Bernies, both along River Street. Saturday included a mid-morning snack at Clary's, dinner at Belford's, located in the totally cool City Market area, and supper at Churchills. And we did not skimp on the buffet at Pirate's House on Sunday either.

A stray beer here and there at Isaac's and Wet Willie's rounded out the perfect food tour of the town. Not to mention strolling along the squares, and eyeballing the Mercer House.

As for my boyfriend, I think he found it as lovely and charming as I always have. It was most special to me to get to introduce him to Savannah. We've already discussed a second trip.

The Dockside: I had Lowcountry Stew (known in the SC Beaufort area as Frogmore Stew). I'd give it Two Yummms. But I've had better. Hell, I've cooked better.

Bernies: Split oysters on the half shell with one of the wild widdas that joined us, then a plate of fried oysters, fries and cole slaw. Pretty good. Their signature bloody mary was okay, but could have been a bit less spicy Two and a half Yummms for the food, one and a half for the drink.

Clary's: Really the only place for breakfast in Savannah. I had a ham biscuit. Three Yummms.

Belford's: Both the BF and I had their Shrimp, Greens (collards) and Grits. I've never had shrimp & grits presented like this-usually the grits are creamy in the bowl, with the sausage, pancetta, tasso gravy and shrimp stirred in, with greens on the side. Belford's served the grits as fried grit cakes, with the shrimp and greens on the plate as well. Four Yummms.

Churchill's: Authentic British food in an authentic British pub. Two Yummms. Although the authentic British person in the group said her steak and mushroom pie was pretty good.

The Pirate's House: Honey Pecan Fried Chicken, Seafood Au Gratin, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, collard greens, and red mashed potatos. Oh, and a spoonful of pulled pork bbq. And a biscuit. And a corn muffin. And a pecan square. I'm still stuffed. The coveted Five Yummms is awarded.

Ooh, ooh. I forgot about the margaritas at the mexican place on MLK Blvd on Friday night, complete with one gal in blue satin short shorts and high heels, her friend in lace-up to the knee gladiator high heels, a bitch-slap fight between another ho-dressed girl and the chick in the lace-up shoes, who then proceeded to slip and fall on a previously thrown drink. I'll save the story of me 'gently' moving the dingbat teen jabbering on her cell phone on River Street out of our way for another time.


pat said...

Oh my, sounds like you all had fun!..Especially the food part, sounds like yum!!!

pat said...

and post some pictures!! I know you took some....

poopie said...

I'm droolin' here.

Phyllis S said...

Actually Pat, I only took two-three pics and those were of some folks who were on the trip with us. I'm just not much of a photo taker.

There are scads of photos here in the house of Savannah my late husband took, but I don't have a scanner and they're photos from the dark ages-i.e. not digital.