Wednesday, March 19, 2008


up to my eyeballs in a grant that's not due until next Friday. But my deadline is *this* Friday.

Why, you ask? Or probably not, since I figure I've even managed to run off my most faithful readers (all three of them) with the drivel that's been masquerading as a blog post lately.

Well, since you asked. Next week is Spring Break. And I just don't want to spend another school break slaving away on a grant.

It's the main reason posting has been light over the past couple of weeks. When I'm deep in a subject, in this case, technology in the middle school classroom as a means to improve academic performance*, hardly anything else penetrates.

Except that's not quite true. There's some stuff bubbling on the ole back burner. If I meet my deadline, maybe I'll be able to move it to the front eye of the stove for your reading pleasure.

*Admit it, you almost fell asleep just reading that delightful jargon. I don't know how grant readers do it. I can barely stand to reread mine sometimes. They're stuck with reading multiple versions of the same thing, from a kajillion hopeful applicants.


pat said...

still here :)

Stacie said...

Yeah the sunday groceries thing put me to sleep!

Anonymous said...

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JohnInGa said...

Spamity, Spam, Spam, Spam alert!

poopie said...

oh puleeeeeez tell me the vp of crap is makin' a comeback ;) harpies!