Saturday, November 22, 2008

By This Time

Monday, my new bathroom should be good and finished.

Keep in mind this 'three day job' started Tuesday...last.

As best my landlord and I can figure, she accidentally hired blind monkeys to do the bulk of the work. She was over here today to paint & she and her husband will be back tomorrow to install the new vanity and put the lights in.

I had the pleasure of a trip to Lowe's today to indulge in a curved shower curtain rod (like in them there fancy hotel rooms) and a new vanity light.

Head blind monkey is scheduled to return Monday to reinstall the bathroom door, put the cover back on the crawl space, and do some fixup work on the bathroom floor. As they say in the TV biz, hilarity will likely ensue.

I've been using the spare shower for the past week. Said spare shower is about the size of a small broom closet and I'm certainly not the size of your typical broom. Made for fun times, let me tell you. Rest assured that shaving of various things was not even a consideration. Sasquatch lives, I'm just sayin'.

But the redone bathroom is really coming together. The landlord and I agreed on a nice khaki & white color scheme for the bathroom, replacing some truly hideous wallboard along with wallpaper that my grandmother would have considered out of date.

Everything should be usable by tomorrow afternoon, and I plan to take a celebratory/inaugural shower about this time tomorrow.


pat said...

ooo how nice, I have a bathroom that desperately needs a me some pics!!!!

Phyllis S said...

It's fairly utilitarian-one of those 'all of a piece' fiberglass shower & tub thingies. I'm going shopping over Thanksgiving for a new shower curtain & rings. I'll show everything off next weekend.

poopie said...

Woohooooooo! Ain't nothing like a new look to lift a gal's spirits.