Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Week, in Review

Federal Jury Duty Selection? Yep, I was picked. Always am. The trial is September 19-21st.

We held a public meeting Wednesday evening concerning a 'major project'* the district is hoping to undertake. Mostly folks for it came; all the against folks, of course, couldn't be bothered to come get the facts and chose to make up their own and disseminate them in all the town hotspots. For example, the local greasy spoon, the afternoon coffee hangout and the filling station where all the old farts hang out. On the one hand, their monstrous ignorance is laughable. On the other hand, their monstrous ignorance is...scary and distressing.

The Braves decided to start winning again on Wednesday, and did it in a hell of a way. Yes, I've already written about this. Deal. If they stay in the playoff hunt, it won't be the last you'll hear.

Yesterday evening I was too tired to stay up and too tired/achey to relax and get to sleep. Finally dozed off around midnight after two arthritis-strength Tylenol and two Tylenol PM.

Felt marginally better this morning. Overall general feeling good improved after a 1) pedicure, 2) excellent Cobb salad at one of my favorite local places (Fatz--if you have one near you, aren't you lucky?) and 3) an hour-long nap on my sofa after returning home from my morning errands.

Right now? USC is beating Georgia at the half and Atlanta is two up on the Nationals. Shaping up to be a good day.

Shout out to Jen, whose WV Mountaineers took out Marshall. But Marshall made them earn it.

*Can't say much more about this, due to ethics issues, etc.


Jennifer said...

Yes they did. That's the danger of those in-state rivalry games, you know? But it ended up just the way we like it. ;-)

RisibleGirl said...

Mom here...

4 tylenol? Are you nuts? Ms. Phyllis, if you need to sleep- try benedryl. It's the 'sleep' piece of the Tylenol PM without the harmful to your liver tylenol.



RisibleGirl said...

Notice how I ignore all of your sports posts, although I did go to a college football game yesterday.

Sports? You might as well be Charlie Brown's teacher when you write about sports. ;)