Monday, September 17, 2007

Reading List

I haven't read any Stephen King in ages, and I'm the poorer for it. I'd forgotten just how rich and true his characters are; how he's able to weave the mundane, everyday world and whatever fantastic place he's taking us to together and make it all seem...real, touchable.
'Lisey's Story' is about a widow, and about so much more.
First the 'widow' part. I kept finding myself double- and triple-checking the publication date (2006), because frankly, it was hard not to think the man has been living in my head for the past 20 months or so. Lisey is as alternately focused and scatterbrained and tough and fragile as I or any of my widow friends are. Then there's the portrait of the marriage he gives us. Because the fact is, no matter how deeply and thoroughly we know our spouse, there are always places we don't know.
Second, the fantastic world he weaves. Not a false note anywhere; you find yourself believing the world exists, in all its breathtaking, frightening glory. I'm not going to write too much about it because I don't want to ruin it for anyone & I couldn't do it justice anyway.
If you're a widow, there are things in here you know, that you've felt and thought. If you were ever a scared little kid, well, there's stuff in here you know that you've felt and thought as well.

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Deb said...

Okay. That does it. I'm moving it off the bookshelf and putting it beside the bed so it'll be next in line :)