Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Conversation

with a friend yesterday:

She: "I'll be home tomorrow night, watching Georgia beat Carolina*."

Me: "Huh. I'm watching the game tomorrow night too. Except the game I'm watching is the one where Carolina beats Georgia."

Her: "Yeah, right."

Final Score
USC: 16
Georgia: 12

To my friend: neener, neener, neener, ha ha ha.

*This is a huuge rivalry. Georgia hates Spurrier and we hate Georgia.


Jennifer said...

Ha! What an AWESOME game! It's the funniest thing...I hated Spurrier when he was with Florda, but he's grown on me as a Gamecock.

Phyllis S said...

See, that's too funny. Here where I live, it is Gamecock central & everyone around here cussed Spurrier for a sumbitch the entire time he was at Florida.

When he said he was coming to Carolina, it was all, "Yeah he's a sumbitch, but now he's our sumbitch.