Monday, September 24, 2007

Soo Tired

The last two weeks at work have been wild, to say the least. Today I was able to catch my breath and get caught up on some things, which was nice.

I'm still right bone-tired from last week; drove back and forth to downtown Columbia Wednesday and Thursday for jury duty, then back to another part of Columbia for another meeting Friday. Spent Saturday night in Greenville with some of my crazy widda friends; that's a three hour or so drive one way. Left Greenville at about 5:15 yesterday morning and was home before 8:00; spent pretty much the rest of the day right here on my sofa, except for switching out laundry.

I have one meeting this week, and my manicure Wednesday and other than that, my butt's gonna be at home every night & in bed by nine or so. Not going anywhere next weekend. In fact, I think I'm sticking close to home for the weekends until my conference at the beach in late October.

And: Braves win! Braves win! They won Saturday & Sunday, and the Phillies obligingly lost. There are six games left & the Braves are 5 1/2 back; if the Mets & Phillies go on a losing streak, the division could be ours!

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