Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Original

iteration of this lovely slice of internets tubes heaven began as a spittle-laced diatribe during the 2004 election campaign. The author soon (okay, it was months later) tired of listening to herself rage against the machine & began posting minutiae about her life, because who doesn't find that kind of stuff endlessly fascinating/scintillating?

But here we are in 2008. A Black American is a candidate for president. As a child of the South, who started school in 1969 in the first integrated class at my elementary school, I've seen the South change tremendously during my lifetime, and in many heartbreaking ways, stay exactly the same. To wit, people my age (46) who still use that word in casual conversation, and who get all flustered and bent out of shape when I call them on it.

If you had asked me a year ago, when Barack Obama's name began surfacing as a truly viable candidate for President, I would have told you he'd be Hillary's VP. That I could and would see a Black Vice President in my lifetime, probably more than one. But even with the changes, with the strides that have been made, I really wasn't sure I'd see a Black candidate with a greater than even chance to become President.

I had a conversation with a fellow yesterday who was stuck on the 'Obama doesn't have the experience to be President' cant. The fact is, noone does. There is no training program, no crystal ball to predict that what previous Presidents have faced will be what the next one will face.

The thing is, when I hear that 'He doesn't have the experience', it's hard not to wonder if what that really translates to is 'Here's my get out of jail free because I'll be damned if I'm voting for a Black for President' card.

Tomorrow: Why the Media is already pissing me off about Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin.


poopie said...

Uh yeah. Like Dubya had experience??

Phyllis S said...

How short our memories are. Palin has more governmental experience at this point than he did coming into the presidency.