Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today's productivity?
  • Used up two (two!) Mr. Clean magic erasers cleaning fingerprints off door jambs and marks off baseboards.
  • Ran the brushy attachment thingy on the vacuum along said baseboards
  • Washed five loads of clothes-still need to do the sheets-they're next and the last load
  • Packed my beach bag with my really cool new beach towel, new Sperry Topsider beach flip flops and a couple of good trashy novels
  • Started a side of ribs for today's dinner with a nice little butt rub recipe I came up with on my own; also fixed shrimp fried rice with jasmine rice, green peas, roasted garlic rice vinegar and soy sauce for lunches this week
  • Cleaned out the fridge

Right now I'm taking a little break, and in a bit I'm going to start packing my bag for the beach.

Oh, did I mention I'm headed to Panama City Beach for a little vacation the end of this week? No? Well, I am. Me and Le Boyfriend. Oh my.


poopie said...

Oh MY!!!

pat said...

sounds like fun stuff!!!