Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Reason Why This Might Work

I spent the weekend before last with Le Boyfriend, to celebrate his birthday. We took his son out with us Friday night for some dinner and to see the minor league team in their town play.

We went to this great local bbq place that's in the town's former bus station. The bbq is pretty good, the spicy sauce is just spicy enough and they don't cook their vegetables to mush.

But this isn't a restaurant review, per se. As we were wrapping up our dinner, the wait staff gathered and started that clapping and singing thing, heading our way to wish someone happy birthday. Turned out it was a happy birthday for the fellow in the booth behind us.

But not before Le Boyfriend gave me a horrified look and said something along the lines of that show better not be for him.

I assured him I wouldn't dream of it, and made it really clear he better not ever dare do it to me.

So there's that in common. Yay!

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