Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin and The Media

My first impression of Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin was: Silly. She opened her mouth, spoke for about thirty seconds and I thought, silly.

I'm not impressed, but who cares, I'm not who the Republicans are trying to impress. Or maybe I am, which means they really don't have a fuckin' clue. But frankly, she strikes me as George Bush lite, and who thought you could get more lightweight than GB?

Having said that, it took the Media no time at all to develop their narrative about the chick, did it: "She'll pull in the Hillary Voters who feel wronged by Obama"--meaning, I think, that those of us who are vaginally gifted will automatically vote for her in solidarity. "She hunts, and has been to Iraq", which I guess we're supposed to believe gives her foreign policy credentials. "She was profiled in Vogue", maybe to appeal to the Paris/Nicole/Olsen twins demographic?

Of course, right off the bat we had the obligatory review of her 'fitness routine' that also discusses her diet. Because the most important thing about a woman is what she puts in her mouth and how she in turn doesn't allow that to turn into dun.dun.dun, fat.

And I'm already tired of the 'Naughty Librarian' tag. It was funny and cute and kind of sexy when Craig Ferguson did it, but begins to look a little mean-spirited when Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert both go there on the same night.

And note to John McCain-surrounding yourself with all these young chicks doesn't make you look younger, it makes you look Hefneresque. And that stopped being cool about twenty years ago.

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