Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Masters Affect

You know The Masters, that little ole golf tournament they play about sixty miles west of me. Folks come in from all over for both the practice rounds at the beginning of the week, and for the actual tournament Thursday through Sunday.

Then they all pack up and head to Hilton Head for the Heritage.

The campers and other vehicles started clogging traffic up here late Thursday afternoon--my little town happens to be on one of the more heavily traveled off-the-Interstate routes. We'll see the reverse Monday week when they head back east to HHI.

Columbia gets a pretty good affect from The Masters as well, since it's straight up one hour on I-20 from Columbia to Augusta and many folks stay there and drive over to Augusta each day.

Here's the real kicker: Gas here went from $3.15 a gallon on Wednesday morning to $3.25.

I guess I can only hope that the rotten, soulless, greedy bastard who owns all the stations here in town who also lives here and sends his kids to school here will have an attack of conscious and lower the prices to their pre-Masters level of highway robbery once all the too-rists have made their way back and forth.

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