Thursday, April 17, 2008


Made it back here around six-ish yesterday. The suitcase is all but unpacked & there's a pretty good pile of laundry waiting for me this weekend.

It was a great trip. My colleagues and I traipsed up to the Hill on Tuesday and made the rounds of our congressional members to discuss No Child Left Behind. The highlight of the day? Congressman Charlie Rangel* of New York, giving us directions to my rep's office-Congressman Jim Clyburn, who is the House Majority Whip. Said Congressman Rangel, quote, "Clyburn? He's kind of a big shot around here." This from a 19-term representative and Purple Heart recipient. Made my day.

I'll post some pictures and a few thoughts this weekend.

*I know, other folks get excited about meeting celebrities-me, I'm a total policy wonk geek who gets all fangirly over members of Congress. Go figure.

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