Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Day

started off warm and sunny, and right windy. The dark clouds have rolled in, in advance of what I hope is the last burp of winter for the season.

I'm cleaning and packing along and along, on the road again tomorrow to D.C. for a conference. My hotel is about 6/10ths of a mile from The Mall and a little over a mile from Georgia Brown's. I didn't pick the hotel that deliberately-I picked it mainly because that's where I could get a room. It's proximity to said GB's as well as Chef Eric Ripert's place at the Ritz-Carlton is mere serendipity.

And we get to go up on the Hill Tuesday, where we've been promised a tour of the Majority Whip's office. I'm in policy wonk geek heaven here at the thought of it.

I'm leaving Poopie in charge. Clean up after the party and take the beer cans to the recycler.


poopie said...

I'll keep an eye on things. If you see Dubya, tell him I said ...on never mind. He wouldn't get it :)

pat said...