Friday, January 18, 2008

Quite Possibly

the greatest response from an advice columnist, ever:

Dear Prudence,

I'm 24, and I've been with my boyfriend for about 18 months. We were friends in high school, then met again after college, and started living together almost immediately. We have been talking about marriage lately, which I am beyond excited about; however, my boyfriend has informed me that I need to lose 20 pounds before he will propose. He claims that's the only reason he hasn't asked me yet. In his words, he wants "a hot wife." Am I crazy to think that unconditional and true love still exists? Everything else in our relationship is great. I don't want to walk away from something so wonderful, but this just seems a little ridiculous. Help!
—In Love With Mr. Vain
Dear In Love,I have a plan that will make both of you happy. It begins with you starting on a new exercise program. Get a comfortable outfit and a pair of excellent workout shoes. Then put all your worldly possession in a suitcase, pick it up, walk out the door, and keep on walking.


From the Dear Prudence column, posted on 1.17.08


Jennifer said...

Can we dare hope 'In Love' heeded this sage advice?

poopie said...

Right on Prudie.

JohnInGa said...

Good advice, but now I've got the Beatles' "Dear Prudence" stuck in my head.