Monday, January 21, 2008

A Date

Used in a sentence:

"randomsoutherner had a date this weekend."

Yes, it was with the 'gentleman friend' with whom I've been having the good conversations and good silences.

We met in Madison, Georgia, a halfway point for both of us-he lives in Northwest Georgia*. Madison bills itself as the 'Town too pretty for Sherman to burn'. And it is a pretty, charming town, even with 30-something degree temps, freezing rain and snow flurries.

And the good conversations and good silences continued as we made do with college basketball and reruns of The Andy Griffith Show for entertainment.

Sunday morning dawned clear and cooold, with some icy patches on the pavement. As my rear end discovered when I slid on a small, but treacherous patch. I told him to get used to it, the odds of those kind of antics occuring where I'm concerned increase exponentially anytime I...walk out my front door.

The time to leave came too damn soon.

We have plans to get together again in four weeks.

It can't come fast enough.

*ETA: I have been gently corrected by my gentleman friend that the correct description of his neck of the woods is West Central Georgia. I feel compelled to post this edit, as I surely would not want the Deliverance crowd annoyed with me.


poopie said...

Does he have a brother?

pat said...

well thats just darn...wonderful!