Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Night

And I'm watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Because I lurves me some Johnny Depp channeling Keith Richards.


I'm the incoming president for our state association next year, which means I'm in charge of our big fall conference. We traditionally work with one of our major vendors to put on a 'dinner dance' and the president picks the conference and dinner dance theme.

So the vendor and I discussed this briefly last week at the Myrtle and I mentioned a western theme. I'm a redneck girl, through & through, and my vision, as it were, was along the lines of country line dancing and a karaoke machine--true to my honky-tonk roots.

The vendor emailed me today with her 'vision'-a hoedown, to include...square dancing lessons.

Yeah, not so much.

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pat said...

ewwww, I think you have to wear a circle skirt for that...