Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Week

to put one off of humanity permanently, or maybe just the Internet and/or the news:

  • Big-name celebs, men and women, signing petitions in support of Roman Polanski.
  • Whoopi Goldberg displaying monumental fucking ignorance by saying it "wasn't rape rape". I guess because Polanski ANALLY RAPED the 13-YEAR OLD CHILD HE'D DRUGGED. Uh, WTF?
  • Americans so intent on bashing Obama they are exultant the US lost out on a bid to host the Olympics. Cognitive Dissonance much there, you America Firsters?

Going to take a break from the Intertubes and finish the John Lennon Bio I've been reading, watch a little college football, finish watching the last two episodes of 'National Parks' I saved to the DVR, and generally hope to flush all this shit out of my head. As the Chez Quis Maitre D` said so eloquently, "I weep for humanity."