Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's That Time Again

I head to the beach on Tuesday for my annual state conference. I'm really looking forward to seeing my colleagues and getting away from the office for a week. Frankly, I need a break from the non-stop grant writing that has kicked in with the stimulus funding. I've struggled with this most recent application far more than is called for, and I can only surmise it's due to a mild case of burnout.

Another upside is that I'll be busy with workshops and networking, and won't be quite as 'connected' as I am on a daily basis. I think I'm experiencing some Internet burnout as well. Not nearly as bad as it got right before the election, more like a low-grade fever that leaves you with enough energy for light housework, but makes you feel like crap while you're doing it.

It's a clear day here in Tinytown, and it's noticeable cooler than the last few days. Maybe we'll get an actual fall in these parts, instead of going straight from summer to winter like we did last year.

On tap at the beach is lunch in Murrell's Inlet on the way in, a stop in Pawley's to visit the nature photography shop of a high school classmate, a surfeit of seafood and maybe a visit to 2001. Wonder if they still have the fish swimming in the dance floor?

Everybody have a good week. I'll slurp a raw oyster & have some boiled shrimp for you.


John said...

Sounds like fun. Mind if I tag along :)

pat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pat said...

well lucky you.....!

poopie said...

hmmm...all my training sessions are at the hospital which is not NEAR the beach

Phyllis S said...

John: You may tag along as long as there's no streaking on the beach like last year. No one wants to see that.

Poopie: I'm sorry?

And what's up with the deleted comment? Anyone see what that was before it went away? I need to check my own blog more often apparently, or I miss all the fun.

John said...

Maybe someone tried to post a pic of me streaking down the beach?