Wednesday, October 14, 2009

People Who Need a Pfunch in the Pface*

  • Max Fucking Baucus, who looked so damn smug and self-satisfied at the end of the committee meeting yesterday where he sold citizens who are not corporations down the river.
  • William Saletan, who Does.Not.Get.It. And by it, I mean anything.
  • Those folks who peed themselves in their rush to declare the Nobel Peace Prize 'worthless' in the wake of Obama's award. Likely the same people who delighted in calling the Presidency an 'entry-level position' upon his election.
  • The dickheads driving like fucking dickheads on the Interstate in the torrential rain this morning.

*I'm always up for a random Golden Girls reference.


pat said...

those same drivers were on my interstate today!!

Snarkysmachine said...

That's not Sonny, that's a dead man!