Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reason 2578 Why I Love This Town

I was wrapping up this morning's yard sale, still left with a couple of the bigger pieces I'd hoped would find new, happy homes.

The biggest onus was a wing chair, a decent piece of furniture that for various reasons had become something of an albatross.

So of course at the end of the sale, there it was, in all its albatrossian glory in my front yard. I'd had a couple of gals express interest and leave their name and phone numbers, but I had a sneaking suspicion their response on the phone would be 'Let me see', and/or 'Well, are you willing to cut the price?'*.

I was in the process of shoving the damn thing back in the front door, when a neighbor** drove by in his truck and asked if I needed help. I said the first think that popped into my head, which was, "Yeah, I need to get this chair to the Salvation Army (which is 18 miles away, btw)."

To which he said, "Okay, take my truck. I'll drive your car back to my house & when you get back, we'll swap out." And I did.

*Read: I think you're desperate & you'll be willing to allow me to steal it out from under you.

**Said neighbor has to be one of the most truly 'Christian' persons I've ever come across. He is totally awesome.

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pat said...

yeah i would rather give the chair to salvation army then to someone looking to rip ya off ....and how wonderful to have a great neighbor like that?? my neighbor hates me and the feeling is beginning to be mutual. a future post i think!