Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's an old sales motto: Always Be Closing.

I've reconfigured it for my motto, for the next couple of weeks at least, to be: Always Be Cleaning.

Le Boyfriend was here over the weekend for his last visit before becoming an official resident of Tinytown and of my humble abode in two weeks. He helped me clean a good bit & the task of preparing this place to add him into the mix appears much less daunting.

Yesterday evening, I cleaned out the closet in the spare bedroom/office. The original intent for this closet was to use it for my winter 'good clothes' that I wanted to leave on hangers. It apparently morphed from that over the years. Ahem.

So there's a goodly amount of stuff to 86, along with a full box and a pile of stuff on hangers to go to the ever faithful Salvation Army.

Another battle in the war on stuff waged and won.

Now, who can tell me what to do about the 25 boxes of books in this house? Anyone? Bueller?

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pat said...

Library donation? Yard sales? Ebay?
read em all?