Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Possibly the Greatest Spam email Ever Received:

First off, was the subject line, which read: Last and Final Notice. Nothing like redundancy to grab one's eye.

Then there was this:

I will like to start with reminding you that your unclaimed inheritance is still lurking around, up till now I am amazed at the way you have ignored all the notice I have sent out to you. This message will be the last notice that I will be sending out to you.Upon the receipt of this mail I will want you to reconfirm to me your details and also tell me the reason why you have kept quiet all the while; I do believe you should have a logical answer to that. I also will like for you to know that I have some new developments on ground which I believe will be good news to you.I will advice that you do not abandon this message and respond as a matter of urgency so that we can get done with your claim.

Best regards
Michael Graham Associate Solicitor.
Tel: +447031997793
Tel: +447024053610

I have to admit to feeling a little bad about causing the rather peeved tone Michael has taken in this email. And I can't help but think I should have a logical answer to why I have kept quiet all the while. Guilt through spamming--how brilliant.

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poopie said...

...and I love their perfect grammar and spelling!