Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My School District

was hit with an almost one million dollar budget cut today.

Beats all hell out of me how we'll deal with it.

Our buildings are crumbling, we're being constantly pushed to upgrade technologies with limited infrastructure to support them, and, oh yeah, we do need to attempt to beat back the frontiers of ignorance.

ETA: Our illustriuous Governor sees the current situation as an 'opportunity to curb government spending and growth'. Because he's an idiot.

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pat said...

you must live in the south....here in my southern town they are considering closing town 4 of our elementary schools, thus crowding others even further. Course they are so bad anyway, i would home school my kid if I hadn't been abale to afford private schools. Sad situation, we bail out crappy car companies, but most of our country has not learned how to invest on educating our kids.