Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here We Go

The 'Sarah Palin Whine-a-Thon' begins, wherein she blames sexism, class warfare, and that mean ole, center of the universe Katie Couric for her Epic Fail.

She's interviewed by John Zeigler, whose premise is that the librul Main Stream Media was in the tank* for Barack Obama. She comes across as poorly here as she did in almost every other one-on-one media encounter during the campaign. And now she's blaming this round of 'poor performance/creative editing' on Zeigler, who is ostensibly making a documentary to prove her premise.

I remember the first season of 'The Apprentice' with Omarosa-who came across as a bigoted, insulting snob who believed the universe revolved around her. After the program, when she wasn't America's darling, she blamed bad editing. One of the other contestants (eventual winner Bill Rancic, I believe**) astutely said the editors couldn't create film of her that didn't exist.

*Can we retire 'In the tank'...forever? Please??

**I'm suitably intellectually embarrassed that I remember this-with no help from the Internet-just pulled this info out of my head.

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