Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A channel that appears to delight in roping me in with a great morning line-up and then inexplicably changing it on a whim (like dropping Wings with no warning--bah on you) has been airing 'Designing Women', the later episodes.

Here's a show I loved when it first ran. I watched it to the bitter end, and that's an apt description. I doubt it was that apparent to me back then, but watching it now, well, those gals have not held up well.

Julia Sugarbaker went from a crisp, intelligent, warm woman to being a shrill, annoying, bad-tempered bitch. And do heavens, Judith Ivey was pouring on that accent like I do the maple syrup at IHOP.

Here's a prime example of a show that went on at least one, if not two seasons too long.

Where's Suzanne Sugarbaker for some real comic relief when you need her?

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poopie said...

Hey...you want comic relief? Tune into Family Guy. That's my newest fav. I'm head over heels with Brian and Stewie.