Monday, July 21, 2008

Things Here

at 'Casa de Where in Hell did that Spiderweb Come From' have been kind of quiet. There's been some housework done, some more stuff tossed out. I think 'tossing s**t out' is as cathartic for me as 'burning s**t' is for the poopster. Wish I lived next door to her (for so many different reasons) so she could burn what I toss. A certain symmetry and elegance there, I think.

The house next door is all but empty. There has been an estate sale and a subsequent auction. I went over there the other day to check on things, as I've done every week or two for the past couple of years. My friends had many lovely things-they were into antiques and nice furniture and to see the place empty of those things, with only the detritus that seems to come from nowhere in rooms when you are at the end of moving, was a jolt.

It's very warm here, which, duh. It's July and all. But I mean, it's really hot. Too hot to eat, too hot to move. I see a ham and cheese sandwich washed down with an ice cold Yuengling for supper. Then I plan to melt into a puddle. Until October.


pat said...

I understand that..we were going to a movie yesterday but it was too hot...were going to cook out but it was too hot, etc etc...(8 here today...ick!

pat said...

umm that was 98 here!

poopie said...

Dude..we would totally rock with the toss and burn thing.