Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures from the Braves Game

Smoltzy being honored for his 3000 strikeout-I didn't know
this was going to happen at this game, what a great
extra treat

That's Chipper at third.
Matty Diaz in left field, almost close enough for
us to touch from our seats. Unfortunately, game
officials tend to frown on that sort of thing.


JohnInGa said...

Other than the Braves beating the Reds, the highlights of the evening were seeing Smoltzie honored and the Kiss-Cam.

pat said...

Oh you should have just touched him, I'm sure he wouldn't mind....
Wait..who was on the kiss cam?????

Phyllis S said...

The kiss cam was cute--they'd show random couples, young, middle-aged, older. The couples would realize they were on the kiss-cam and...kiss. So the last couple were these two guys sitting next to each other. One covered his face with his cap, the other blew cap guy a kiss. Good sports.