Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Day Job

I love it, I really do. It's challenging, task-oriented, involves problem-solving, long-term planning, all those things that make a creative chick on the Ausperger's end of the spectrum like me hum.

Having said that: Egad, sometimes I have to wonder where my coworkers leave their common sense. And I also have copious examples of ego and superego at work.

State standardized testing began today. I'm the district test coordinator. Being the helpful girl that I am, I made the rounds of the schools that were testing this morning just to check on things, make sure everyone got off on the right foot. Keep in mind this is statewide testing, and test security is a biiiig issue (and probably is with standardized testing in your state as well). There have been test security violations in other districts that have led to State Law Enforcement investigations, loss of jobs and teaching certificates, and in one or two cases, jail.

All I'm gonna say about this morning is this: I'm thankful for sheer dumb, fucking luck. I'll take it over bad luck or none at anytime. Sheesh. I'm sure there's more gray under my natural red after this morning.

As for ego and superego, nothing beats a spoiled twit with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. There is a position open in our district by dint of a grant I wrote. A teacher in our district, who has been out of the classroom for a couple of years has been told they will be returning to the classroom next year. Teacher no likey this development. Teacher sent a letter asking to be considered for the grant position. I confirmed receipt of said letter, and said further communication concerning interviews, etc, would be forthcoming once the newspaper advertisement ran. Said teacher point-blank: 'I thought if you had a person in-house qualified for the position, you didn't have to advertize outside?'.

I'm hoping my silence in the face of the question spoke the volumes to this teacher I wanted it to.

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