Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hints of Spring

at eShactki-women's custom couture, a site I found quite by accident.

There is a dilemma. Which to choose?

This sweet tunic that screams pair me with white bermuda shorts and some kicky metallic sandals?


This simple little sundress that could be dressed up with a light denim blazer for dinner out, worn alone with some great espadrilles for day-trippin' or would even work as a great beach coverup.

What to do, what to do.


pat said...

that dress looks realy really short...but i like it best, looks almost short enought to wear over jeans...very cute!

Phyllis S said...

That's my concern with it. I think it would hit me at mid-thigh; I'd have to call that age-inappropriate.

But I do think it'd make a cute beach coverup. Their stuff is really reasonable.

poopie said...

Get both. Life is short :)

pat said...

it would also be cute with leggings and flats if you are into that look....yeah i think get both is a good answer. And new shoes too.