Thursday, February 21, 2008

A 'Family Member' Lost

A gentleman who frequented the Widow/Widower Internet Support Group that has brought me so much comfort has taken his own life.

He lost his 8 1/2 month pregnant wife, their three daughters and his in-laws in a car crash with a drunk driver ten years ago. He had only just begun posting on our board about a year ago, and even then, not too often.

His posts were honest expressions of his pain, his immense loss, and his ongoing struggle to make sense of what happened and how, if there were any way possible, to move down the path of a new life.

His sister informed us of what happened on our board this morning, and it has shaken our Internet community. I've come to know many of these people personally, and feel there are so many more that I know, without having met them, through their posts about the struggles and triumphs they have faced on this journey.

May he now know the peace and quiet he could not find in life in this world over the past ten years, and may he have found his family, and please, may they now have their loving arms wrapped tightly around one another. And may the Good Lord have his loving arms around them.