Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Preacher

from my church has resigned. Well, I say my church--I attend, but have never moved my letter from my previous church.

This hurts me in a couple of ways. One, because of why he is leaving. He's leaving because there is a small group of truly horrible people in the church who have now successfully run off two young preachers, through their petty insults and nastiness, combined with almost daily street talk about this preacher and the previous one at the local diner. Nice fucking Christian behavior, huh? Among the reasons why I do not refer to myself as a Christian and generally take the head off anyone who accuses* me of being one.

Two because, this preacher had only been at the church a few months when my Dear Donnie passed. He came to the house that day, and called me at least once more. He also performed Donnie's memorial service; he and my Donnie never met, and yet you would have sworn during the service he and Donnie had been best friends for twenty years. In other words, he made the effort.

I've spent most of the day composing a note to this man in my head; seems like such an insignificant way to let someone know you will never forget them and be grateful and thankful to them always for bringing you a moment's peace during the worst time ever.

*And by accusing, I mean even if someone innocently asks me if I'm a Christian. I always tell them I certainly want nothing to do with the likes of those people.

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poopie said...

This kind of crap is a whole lot of why I don't go to the church house on a regular basis. And yes...I'm definitely a Christian.