Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Holidays

As in: The holidays are just around the corner.

I subscribe to Woman's Day and the latest issue came with a stock paper cover advertizing something that I care nothing about. I turned that stock cover to get to the actual slick cover and was met with: How to Have the Best Christmas Ever!

At which point the magazine was given a violent sling into the nether reaches of the living room. After careful, thoughtful consideration of my behavior (read a hysterical, slobbering, sobbing meltdown) I determined why the cover, and the realization that the holidays are actually going to come around again this year, affected me so.

Last year, I was focused on getting through them, getting through the *first* holidays without my Dear Donnie. And I did. And I remember telling someone that it was pretty awful, but that they would be the only first ones I'd have to get through. I obviously wasn't in a place to think long-term about the reality of there being second and third and so on holidays without him.

And I can't say for certain I'm in a place where I can do that now. Not that I have much choice in the matter.


poopie said...

{{{{{big hug for phyllis}}}}}

I think that phrase "Best!Christmas!Ever!" should be banned. I will never forget going to a funeral on Christmas Eve and being sobered by the fact the life and death don't respect what day it is when they throw you for a loop. I see Christmas differently since then.

Arthur Dent said...

Ugh... My little Fenchurch was decorating for Halloween last night... before she finished she also started dragging out the Christmas decorations. I just sighed.

Then I got accused of being as Scrooge, at which point I just minded my own business for the rest of the night.

I'm not a big fan of commercialization of holidays. Hell, Halloween isn't even a holiday... it's an excuse for excess.